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International volunteer camp "Come, Pluck, Camp!" i
Summer University of Ecology "Palingenia longicauda"
Goranski park, Bečej

July 2015. 

During the second half of July 2015, the Ecological Network Pannonica and the Youth Office of the Municipality of Bečej realized the above mentioned activities in the Gorani Park in Bečej.

The results of the realized activities are as follows:


1. The Summer University of Ecology "Palingenia longicauda"

A significant experience for our volunteers was the presence of the Summer University of Ecology "Palingenia longicauda". With the help of experts from abroad, we have gained knowledge about creating and designing locally sustainable projects in the field of ecotourism and organic agriculture, media, as well as energy efficiency.

The expected outcome of this seminar are the 3 project proposals that were made by the participants, so that it could be applied to EU funds.


A special stamp on this event is a mini excursion (by ship and bus), which we have realized together with international volunteers - t was a one-day tour of our natural habitats - Tisa, Pearl Island, Becej fishpond and especially the building heritage of Brana on Tisa.


2. International volunteer work-camp "Come, Pluck, Camp!".

We spent two weeks cleaning up space of nearly 2 hectares in Goranski Park. True, we had at our disposal only ten or twelve working days, so we managed to do the first phase only - arranging the planned space. We shriveled the bushes and spiked plants that were covering one part of the park. 

At the volunteer camp, between 25 and 30 domestic and foreign volunteers were present every day.

The beautiful parts of the park were again discovered - a plot with long-legged fir trees, cypresses, and white willows, as well as the beautiful oak forest.

But there is still a lot to do! A large number the of cut branches were left in the park! We will try to remove it in various ways. In the worst case scenario, if the cut grass and remains in the Park untič September, we will make an action inviting schools and citizens to help us take it all to the city dump.

Then, the second phase follows - the machining of the excavated plots is needed to permanently suppress the weed and the prickly bushes.

Additional value for the realization of the volunteer camp is also numerous educational workshops: self-defense, tai chi, fire spinning performance, archery, acro-yoga ...


We want to thank everyone who helped us to implement these events:


Ministry of Youth and sports
Municipality of Becej
Partner organisation Jugend bildet - Mladi rade
Movement of Gorani Becej
JP Komunalac
Bakery Nare
Milk shop Šarvari
PIK Bečej
Economy and trade high school

Elementary school Zdravko Gložanski

Sports centre Đorđe Predin Badža




Association of fishermans Šaran



our friendBlagoju Tomić from Srbobran

as well as all the citizens of Becej who came to help!

Until the next action and contribution to the improvement of today's situation in Bečej and its surroundings, you are greeted by volunteers and members of the Ecological Network Pannonica!


We welcome you from an international volunteer work camp that is in happening now!

Young volunteers from Spain, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Italy, and Serbia are working to clean up the neglected parts of Goranski Park, parts that got covered in weed and bushes over the last 20 years -  so much that we could not physically pass through them! So far we have uncovered one large area. After this action, it will finally be possible to think which solutions are good for our park. 


We work five hours during the day, and in the afternoon we have various workshops through which we learn new skills. So far, we had workshops in archery, POI, Tai Chi, and guitar playing, and we are waiting for our self-defense workshop, art in wood and paper, meditation, etc.


We are happy to start the Summer University of Ecology as well as the Clean-up action with the local citizens, who have the goodwill to contribute to the beautiful appearance of our park. Everyone is welcomed to join us on July 25th in creating the conditions in our park, so it can again be a place we enjoy spending our time in! 

Youth Office of the Municipality of Bečej and

Ecological network Pannonica

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