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Short biographies


Goran Sadžakov

Chairman, founder; ecologyst

A graduate environmental analyst.

As a young person he was a professional musician - pianist; later on an activist in environmental protection and, a local politician, entrepreneur and a manager in tourism.

Married, two children and a grandson, 33 vegetarian (8 vegan), a local politics promoter, interested in metaethics and social justice.

Experience and skills as an organizer:

- Conference - Dialogue: "Serbs and Hungarians in Vojvodina - positive examples from common life". - 2003

- 5 Regional Conferences of Southeast European Countries "Local Sustainability Guidelines" in Partnership with the Swedish Agency for International Development SIDA, Bečej - 2007

- Strategy for reducing the number of abandoned animals and construction of a shelter in Becej 2007 - Adoption of the Decision and the Act on the Protection of the Nature Park "Old Tisa near the Pearl Island" - 2008

- Regional Conference on the ecological status of river Tisa, Bečej, 2009

- Founder and Chairman of the Board of Directors of NGO Ecological Network Panonika - 2014

- 20 regional and local conferences "EU-Serbia dialogue in the field of environmental protection" - 2011

- The International Summer University of Ecology "Palingenia longicauda" Bečej, 2015

- Tanderbal Festival on river Tisa - 2017 (Award for the Best New Event in Serbia in 2017).


Kristina Palić

Deputy; graphic design

Kristina Palić, born on 07.02.1988. in   raising the awareness of the protection and rights of animals. At age 10, she became an active member of Red Cross in Vrbas, where she was engaged in acting and dancing, and many years later, during his studies, she learned the skill of fire dancing and was performing at various events throughout Serbia. During her studies, Kristina began to be interested in graphic design and illustration as her hobby, and today is employed in the US company "Digitall" as a graphic designer. Vrbas, where she currently lives. In 2015 she graduated from the Faculty of Medicine in Novi Sad for the treatment of addiction, and in 2017 she obtained a Counselor diploma in Systemic Family Therapy at the Institute for Mental Health in Belgrade. In April 2017, she started volunteering at the Ubuntu - psychological counseling center in Novi Sad.
Since childhood, she was affectionate with animals and is a9 year vegetarian/vegan; in 2014 she founded the NGO "Pigs & Co" with other activists with the goal


Gordana Kuzmanović

secretary; nutritionist

Gordana Kuzmanović - a medical nurse, born in Novi Sad. A wife, mother of two children and has one grandchild. professionally engaged in music for 18 years, as a pianist and a songwriter. An activist in the areas of social politics ("Action Smile"), animal protection (Association for the Rights and Protection of Animals - Taura), in the protection and improvement of the environment etc. Participated in the construction of the first "No kill" dog Shelter in Serbia which she led for 3.5 years as a volunteer. Participant of many international volunteer camps. The promoter of the holistic herbal diet. Ethical vegetarian for 33 years, of which 9 years vegan. In youth, an active athlete. She is a participant and organizer of many cultural events since school days, most important of which are: The poets of my people, Agora 93, Tanderbal 2017 etc.


Iva Lindenberger

member; Human Resources

Iva Lindenberger, b. Sadžakov, was born in 1991 in Serbia.
From the earliest dayss he was interested in animalcare which later developed to love in working with humans as well. From 14. years old she got active in the community as a youth volunteer. Then she participates in and organizes a series of cultural, art and humanitarian actions, festivals, and training seminars on the topics of: conflict resolution, non-violent communication, youth policy, project writing, camp leadership, public relations, fundraising, team-building, racism, discrimination and equality between the sexes.
From 2006 to 2017 she participated and led 13 international volunteer work camps in Serbia.
From 2010 to 2014 she studies the Addiction Diseases Program at the Faculty of Medicine in Novi Sad and graduates with the thesis "Creating a multidimensional model for prevention and treatment of behavior disorders in children and adolescents."
After graduation and relocation in Switzerland, where she lives now with her husband and a 5-month old baby, she completes studies for Montessori teacher in 2017 and leads a six-month pilot project of the Forest Kindergarten "Pipiripi".

Languages: Serbian (mother tongue), English (advanced), Italian (advanced), German (initial level).


Filip Sadžakov

member; Technology & Logistics

He is a member of the drama group of Bečej City Theater since 2002. Participated in workshops of building figures &
Went to an English-Serbian kindergarten where he had his first theater and recital experiences.
Filip Sadžakov, born in 1995 in Novi Sad. Lives in Novi Sad where he studies.
portraites and developing speech with professional actors in Becej and Sarajevo. For more than 15 years he has been actively participating in the festival of stage performances for children and youth "May Games" of Becej. Participant of  the project "Miraculous World of Dunđerski"with  the performance "My View to the Future". Works with the professional actor Igor Pavlovic from the Serbian National Theater in Novi Sad through a large number of performances that have won awards for youth and amateur theater festivals in Serbia and beyond. He worked with the well-known theater director Ljuboslav Majer, as a master of tones and lights in the play "Me, Lazar Dunđerski".
In addition to the theater, he also deals with music - plays guitar and drums. Finished a six-week seminar certificate on music production, by the Berklee College of Music.
social sphere, he participated on various projects and training courses  - as a youth leader in "Connecting Classrooms" by the British Council; Student Exchange in Switzerland by Pestalozzi Foundation; finished training courses on Discrimination, Multiculturality, Gender and Racial Equality Youth Education, Writing Projects.
In addition, he an active volunteer in his town for a number of years, and has organized a large number of actions, workshops, humanitarian tournaments and volunteer camps in co-operation with the Youth Office of Bečej.
He is an active member of "Creative Network Pannonica" 
and  of
the "Bujinkan Dojo" Bečej club for many years.

From 2017 studies at the Faculty of Technical Sciences at the Department of Graphic Engineering and Design.


Ana Mirić

member; Tourism

Ana Mirić, was born in 1995 in Novi Sad.
She finished Central Economic School in Bečej, as a tourist technician, which included the practice works in the hotel "Hunting Lodge", in Turija and in the tourist organization "Centar for sport and
 tourism", Srbobran.
In 2016 she started studying on a Natural and Mathematical Faculty for Tourism where she is currently on the third year.

She participated in two international volunteer camps - "Come, Pluck, Camp" in 2015, in which the eco-seminar "Palingenia Longicauda" was organized as well.
Since then, she got interested in ecology and sustainable development. The second one "On the "road to Tanderbal 2017"  co-organized the eco-tourist festival Tanderbal. As a volunteer, she as well participated at the regional Youth Fair in 2017 in Novi Sad.
She also volunteered at the Exit Festival of Novi Sad in 2018.
Since the beginning of 2018, she became an active member of the tourism team in the "Serbian Nature Promotion Association" where, through writings of short articles, the nature of Serbia is being promoted. Ana is now an active member of the non-governmental organization "Creative Network Panonika". 

Languages: Serbian (native), English (Fluent), German (Beginner)

narevska fotka cv.png

Aleksandra Narevski


She was born in Novi Sad in 1995, graduated from Primary and High School in Becej.
After completing Gymnasium, in 2014, she enrolled at the Faculty of Technical Sciences in Novi Sad, specifically, Environmental Engineering. During her studies she participated in seminars on the topics of waste management, energy efficiency, as well as other topics in the field of environmental protection.
 Aleksandra is a member of Panonika from the very beginning and participated in various projects, volunteered and held education for young people in order to raise awareness about the importance of environmental protection.
She graduated in October 2018 and continued her education at the Faculty of Technical Sciences, where she is currently attending the master studies. 


Miloš Džigurski


Miloš is born 1994.
He finished his B.A. in informative technology and master studies in the same field. Now he works in Becej as entrepreneur. 
Likes to read, watch movies, help others. Optimist. Trusts in better tomorrow. 


Svetlana Jakovljević


Jakovljevic Svetlana, born in 1991,  married and lives in Becej. Graduated from the Gymnasium in Bečej (general direction), after which she studied Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics in Novi Sad (direction: graduate biologist). Currently, she is employed in Primary School "Šamu Mihalj" Becej as a Financial and Accounting Officer. Svetlana likes reading books, traveling, training and spending time with her friends. 


Bojana Radaković


Bojana Radaković mastered at the Faculty of Technical Sciences of the University of Novi Sad in 2016, when she was awarded the MSc Environmental Engineer and MSc in Water Treatment and Protection. During her studies, she participated in international scientific conferences in 2016, and she published her work at an international conference in the Czech Republic in the field of water protection. In 2015 she became a member of NGO Panonika participating in the creation of ecological projects, volunteer camps and other ecological activities organized by the organization. She is expanding his knowledge during his studies and works at the NGO Potisje-Bečej d.o.o. working as an ecologist. At the same time, Bojana actively works as a hatha yoga instructor. In a desire to advance and expand knowledge and perspective, Bojan goes to Dubai where she continues her own training.


Nikola Prkosovački


Born in 1998. Comes from Becej currently living in Novi Sad, while studying the Faculty of sports and physical education. Works as a model. Interested in ecology, sports, modeling, and cooking. 

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