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Staging My World

09. - 14.08.2022.

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What is Art?

What is nature?
What is the connection between them?

Whether dance, theatre, circus or poetry, painting, sculpture, music,  - every form of arts has a potential to open new horizons and overcome cultural or social separation. For this reason,  art is the main motor of this exchange between young artists from Switzerland and Serbia.

Through our skill-sharing workshops and open spaces, everyone is invited to unpack and share their artistic suitcase.


What is Art?

What is Nature?
What is the connection between them? 

We want to exchange ideas about these questions in a playful way and explore new paths of artistic communication together.


You don’t need to be a professional artist to attend this event.



Place On the edge of the Fruška Gora National Park near Novi Sad, Serbia



August 09 - 14 2022

Who can apply & No. of participants:

We are looking for 20 participants from Switzerland and 14 participants from Serbia, between 13 and 30 years of age.


Costs Participation fee:

ConneXt is free of charge.


Covered by organisers:

Travel costs, all meals, tent accommodation on the private camping area, outside showers and eco-toilets, internet

Covered by participants:

Sleeping bags/blankets, pocket money.

The official language:

English; while Serbian, Italian, French and German translation is available, as well as body language :)

Sneak Peak into the Program


With the Open Spaces and Skill Sharings, we want to offer participants the opportunity to take a fresh look at their own creative work and that of other participants, beyond national and artistic boundaries.


In the Discussion rounds we will look at the different artistic and cultural realities of the



The Team-building Activities are the playful bonding agent between the two program points. Curiosity and spontaneity are fully welcomed!


Re-Creative Islands round off the program. Here, the adjacent forest, the nearby lake, or the easily accessible city of Novi Sad are of importance. This time can be freely arranged in creative, recreational, and social terms.

For more info & any questions, write us on

Application deadline:

July 15 2022, or until the places are filled


This time we go take first, get first!





Creative Network Panonika is an association that works in the fields of culture and arts, education, development of mental and physical health, tourism and environmental protection.

Next to various cultural events, Panonika has a long history of organising international Volunteer Camps, Summer Universities and Festivals in Serbia.


With ConneXt 2019 and the international theatre festival HAJDE! they began a fruitful collaboration with the Swiss Compagnie Digestif.

For years, Compagnie Digestif have enriched cultural life in the most various ways. - from satire, clown numbers, animations to contemporary performances.


With a lot of empathy and professionalism they take on various assignments in the pedagogical field as well. It is characterised by its adaptability and its courage to realise even impossible assignments. Challenges represent a true enrichment of their artistic, pedagogical and cultural work.



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