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septembar 2015.

European day of Birdwatching

The ecological network Pannonica, together with the Tourist Organization of the Municipality of Bečej, this year, for the first time participated in the international action of European weekend dedicated to the observation of birds. It was coordinated by the Society for the Protection and Observation of Birds of Serbia. The field guides were members of the Society of Falconers of Nature Falco from Temerin. The action was attended by 10 of our members and 10 guests - this was a sufficient number to hold the activity, but not to upset the birds too much.


The action lasted for 4 hours and on that occasion, we managed to see and record the presence of 24 species of birds and over 8000 individuals of the three most numerous species (node, fox, seagull). During the action, we had the opportunity to see and discover the amazing scenes of bird migration that leave Europe this week, flying to their winter resorts in Africa.
The aim of the action was to teach people more about birds, their lives, migration, and the need to protect them and their habitats.


We recall that a scientific study published by Birdlife International this year showing 25 MILLION migratory birds are killed annually around the Mediterranean, as if they were not troubled by the exhausting path to Africa, among which, a hostile Sahara is waiting for them on their way Flown even twice a year.


This weekend's action has been organized in 33 locations in Serbia. 

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