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July 10 - 15, 2019.

Fruška gora, Novi Sad


In July 2019 the first International Youth Exchange ConneXt: Staging My World was organized by Swiss Association Compagnie Digestif & Serbian NGO Creative Network Panonika.

Thanks to the help of
Movetia - the Agency for Exchange and Mobility we have organized a meeting of young artists and art-interested youth from Switzerland and Serbia.

After weeks of planning, meeting, building, talking we finally opened the doors to 45 participants who gathered on the hills of Fruska Gora to meet, play, discuss and share their skills and viewpoints.

With the help of a dedicated volunteer camp Stap i Kanap that supported the event wholeheartedly, we created a space to bring the different cultural and artistic worlds a little closer, having the love for Stage Arts at the center of this intense exchange.

What is left of these days is this little documentary...

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