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Educational workshops

Education in the Gorani Park


Within the project of Construction of the Health Trail through Goranski Park, Pannonica is implementing a set of educational workshops in Goranski Park for pupils of elementary schools and preschoolers. The donor of this project is the Ministry of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure. Project partner is the local government.


Topics of the educational workshops are alternative ways of mobility and their promotion - ie promotion of healthy lifestyles - walking and cycling.

With the youngest, the focus is on getting to know the educational paths (pedestrian paths, one of which should start to build from the funds of this project) through Goranski park, the type of trees and bushes that are there, as well as learning how to drive a bike and how to use it. The youngest at the workshops get basic knowledge of cycling and the international bike path that will pass through Becej.


Primary school students are also informed about following topics:

- hiking trails in Goranski park,

- the idea of building a bicycle path that will connect all three city parks,

- building a recreational path around Goranski Park,

- realisation of the plan for the construction of the European network of bicycle paths, two of which pass through Serbia, Eurovelo 6 and Eurovelo 11! Which means that this route that goes through Serbia an important European route for cyclists and tourists traveling on a holiday with bicycles, which are increasingly growing.

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