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15.jun 2017.

Actions of Animal rescues

Help the young owls survive the fall!



Yesterday at about 7 pm we received a call from our fellow citizen, who wants to remain anonymous, who informed us that one young long-eared owl fell out of the nest in Zelena Street. It's a common occurrence at this time of the year that owls fall out of the nest and find themselves on busy streets.


The following should be done:

Look carefully around the surrounding trees, for surely there is a nest of owls. It is quite possible that you will also closely monitor the parents on some of the trees nearby, which is a sure sign that the nest is really there.

Then take the ladders, or ring to someone's door, and ask the people to meet you and lend you ladders to return the owl to the tree. If you do not know where the nest is located, surely lift it up and leave it on tree height. Parents will be quick to find and continue to care about it.

We did this and the owl was happily returned to her nest, in which there were two other youngsters beside her.


Any other strategy is wrong!


There are many reasons why you should NOT take the owl home in an attempt to keep it until it is able to fly. In this way, recovered cubs, in 80% of cases, will not survive in nature, because they have not learned to take care of themselves. Some well-intentioned citizens will "kill" the baby owl with the wrong way of feeding because it is fed mostly by mice and voles. Also, along with the flesh, she should be fed the hair of other animals. Buying a small owl zoo is also a bad decision, by which it is condemned to life imprisonment.


Thanks to our fellow citizen who listened to our advice and helped us, we helped him to return the owl to the nest.


Read more on the address of the Center for the Protection of Owls of Serbia:

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