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Fruška gora, Novi Sad

12 - 14 July 2019.

HAJDE!To Fruška Gora! At the border of the largest linden forest in Europe, you will see the performances of artists from Serbia, Switzerland, Germany, France, Russia, Lithuania, Italy, America, the Czech Republic, Israel, Mexico and Hungary.

HAJDE! Enjoy an OPEN AIR festival of professional actors, dancers, performers and many more in one of the most unusual cultural events in Serbia.

HAJDE! Participate! Join us now! Open call is launched! 


HAJDE! is intended as a bridge. We wish to connect young, contemporary artists who live, work or have studied in Serbia, Europe, and all across the world. 

HAJDE! will have a two-sided character:

On one hand, it will mostly include evening shows and daily activities presented by young artists to an open audience.
On the other, the participating artists will have an opportunity to use their free time for getting to know each other and creating personal and professional connections.

HAJDE! Festival is organized by NGO Creative Network Panonika (Serbia) & Compagnie Digestif (Switzerland).

Numerous partners from our country and from abroad made this festival possible. 

Domestic partners:
The H.O.M.E. Project (Serbia), Nacionalni Park Fruška gora (Serbia), Gorski Smeško (Serbia), Novosadski kulturni Automat (Serbia), Kancelarija za Mlade opštine Bečej (Serbia), Kulturna Stanica Svilara (Serbia), Fondacija 2021 (Serbia), Novosadski Volonterski Servis (Serbia), Grad Novi Sad (Serbia). 

Partners from abroad: 
Mladi Rade - Jugend Bildet (Germany), International Theatre Institute (Switzerland),  Accademia Teatro Dimitri (Switzerland), Clowns without Borders (Switzerland). 


For more info, visit:

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