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Introduction to Bio-diversity


In 2015, members of Pannonica had several theoretical and practical educational workshops on the topic of Biodiversity of the Pannonian Plain. First, a visit to the Stara Tisa Nature Park near Pearl Island was made, during which the theoretical part was organised in the premises of the Local Community of Backa. Educators at the workshops were employed at the Institute for Nature Protection of Serbia.


After that, they entered the field and with the help of the crew of the guarded property of Stara Tisa, members had the opportunity to get acquainted with the beauty of this protected sub-area under protection since 2008. The second visit was organised by the Special Nature Reserve Slano Kopovo. The host, or guide through the protected area, was the biologist Silvija Simončik. The third visit was realised at the special nature reserve of Carka Bara. The host-guide of the visit was employed at the Tourist Organization of Zrenjanin. The ride took about 2 hours and we saw a large number of birds who live on the river side.


Members of Pannonica also visited the Special Nature Reserve of Zasavica, as well as one of the most modern campsites in the Balkans, located in the immediate vicinity of the Reserve. Members of Pannonica could hear the details of the protected area details from the host of the Slobodan Simić Reserve. During the boat ride on the strictly protected and rare species of fish - umbra and other inhabitants of this reserve, we were informed by an employed biologist in the Reserve.

carska bara
Slano Kopovo
Slano Kopovo
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